Strategies for getting work done—anywhere.


Your company knocked 2020’s sharpest curveball out of the park, right from home. Prep your 2021 playbook with this comprehensive guide.

Work, Life: Meet Balanced Work

We’ve created an integrated framework called Balanced Work. In response to the rapidly changing work environment, Balanced Work offers a phased and flexible approach by knitting together key workday factors: location, scheduling, and commuting. You’ll find answers to these top-of-mind questions:

How can we enhance our Work From Home (WFH) strategies now to position ourselves for success in 2021?

What new approaches to scheduling might better synchronize competing work-life demands for different employee groups?

Can we help employees travel safely and reliably to our workplace?

You’ve Come to the Right Place

You always have the answers. But right now, these may feel hard to come by. Well, lucky you: This website is your secret weapon. Our team made this for you to help you create a better workday, even in the face of ever-changing circumstances. Here’s what you can do:

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Your Balanced Work Library

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The answers to all your questions—and much more—are right here. Browse our collection of balanced work guides, packed with in-depth research, practical advice, case studies, and ready-made templates.

How to Conquer Your WFH Scheduling Woes

Businesses are considering flexible scheduling strategies as another means to maintain social distancing at workplaces and balance organizational priorities with employee well-being.

How to Burnout-Proof the WFH for Your Team

Telework has emerged as an ongoing operational imperative. Businesses should now engage a more sustainable approach to teleworking.

Must-Have Ingredients For a Safe Commute

Many employees simply have to work on site—from essential workers to those who cannot perform their jobs remotely. When they do, the need for…

The Exciting Future of the Office in a WFH World

The pandemic may have revolutionized work as we know it, but the office still has a critical role

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    What Will the Future of Work Look Like?

    What does the future hold for the workday? We surveyed 3,000+ workforce members across the nation in April 2020 to understand the experience of those who were working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Responses yielded key insights about the future of work, including a shared desire for more balance going forward. Take a closer look:


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